Apr 29, 2008


Hello! I am bored this afternoon. I am nice girl that would like to chat with you. Email me at Viktoria@headawhenuntil.cn only, because I am using my friend's email to write
this. Hope you will like my pictures.

Another girl bored.. maybe she wants some sex with me???

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Anonymous said...

another spammer trying to get money huh. I bet she's the same person doing it. I received one before and when I figured out on a website that the next thing she was going to ask me was for money. I sent an email that would make sure she didnt ask for money. After that, I received this same letter you posted with a different e-mail of course (themayle.cn). She said to e-mail her there because she is currently using her friend's email. stupid.

This is what will happen.
1st she sends an e-mail saying how wonderful to meet someone in your country that she could fall in love and live together. Stating that she will work in our country for 3 months and hopes to meet the love of her life. She will send you pictures on almost every e-mail she sends you. She will try to find out what your city is so she can tell her agency where to send her. The agency is supposed to be a program for the young people that finds you jobs in another country. Helps take care of all the paperwork, passport and plane tickets. They find you a nearest hotel where you will be working, etc. She will send you a 2nd letter saying how glad she is to meet you and hopes you can get along with her and live together once you get to know each other in those 3 months. She is hoping to marry you so she can stay in your country, etc. Then she will say she is going to the Agency, wish her luck. She will ask for the Name of your nearest airport and phone number so the agency can verify. Smart huh? .....after that, she takes a little while and sends an e-mail saying that the agency will pay around half of the expenses and she has to pay the other half to make sure that the plane tickets and everything is proof that she will come back after the 3 months working in your city. She will ask you to send a money wire transfer through a money transfer company.
She will ask you to send it as soon as possible because she must pay within 2 days. Once you send her the money, she disappears. Don't be stupid enough to send her money. Play with her a little. Give her a fake reference number and fake security question and answer. She will look like a fool when she goes to get the money you supposedly sent. hahahaha. I had my little fun with her. She is trying again with a different e-mail and she will probably start a whole different story. Watch out, this is scam. YOU KNOW HOW YOU WILL KNOW? BECAUSE IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Its too good to be true my friend. Even though I figured it was a scam, I got kind of excited that it might be true but I found on the internet very similar letters being sent to other people. Its amazing, I was shocked. Be careful my friend. Any questions, ask me at: edwinsteer2000 at yahoo dot com