Feb 1, 2009

The end

We leave this blog.

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Jan 22, 2009


My name is Lyubov. I am 28 years old.
I have decided to write to you and i hope we can find much in common.
I am a young lady. My friends consider me to be interesting
in communication, kind and sincere. I can cook it is tasty.
I happen good companion in a society. I have neither husband nor
children. I have serious intentions about my life.
I want to find a man that I can talk to, meet him and also to
creat a family. I am fond of children and I dream about a happy
family with the beloved man. I dream about strong relations with
the good man and the right person of course.

If you are interested in Me if you wish to see more my photos please write to Me only on my personal e-mail: solnchesvetit gmail.com

because I shall be capable to answer you only from this address
and to send the photos.
I hope to find an answer from you.

So ugly girl.. this scammer is so silly.


I'm Dina, Will you add me to your Chat list?

Dear Member of our site!

Angelina (21 y~o, ID 13966400) is looking for serious relationship and
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Best regards,

another scammer from Russia.

Dec 29, 2008

sonshabig onashahb bazyanona

A scammer girl or boy with probably naughty pictures...
ello. Please do not be surprised this message is not spam mailing.
You probably will be very surprised that I write you a letter. But
yesterday, I was surprised, too, when my e-mail address, came a
letter, which said about love, about the feelings among people. The
main motto of this letter was the phrase «Looking for love and you
will be happy». I liked the letter. In the list of e-mail address, I
saw your e-mail and decided to write to you. Perhaps you are looking
for love? Maybe this letter - the fate? I do not know how the man who
sent me the letter, hear my personal e-mail. But I think it is not
important. The most important thing is that now I can write you a
letter. You know, I want you to learn more. But first, I want to tell
a little about me. My name is Sona. I'm from Armenia. I am 27 years
old. I have never been married and have no children. I am pretty,
quiet, kind and sociable girl. I would be interested to talk with you
and know you closer. I compose their communication with the primary
objective - creating serious relationships. Relations without
deception, without any games. I want to find this man who can love and
respect me. I hope that you just want to find their love? I believe in
romantic relationships, appearance and age is not the most important
thing. The most important thing is that people know how to love and
respect on this! I have different hobbies and interests, among them -
sports, cooking, reading, music. Of particular interest to me a matter
of housekeeping, cleaning the house. I like to experiment in the
kitchen. I love animals. I am leading a healthy lifestyle. I do not
smoke nor drink alcohol. My new friend, can you tell me about you? I
want you to learn more. The following letters, I will tell you about
me, in more detail.

I give you my e-mail address: sonshabig@gmail.com

Of course, I will send you a lot of my photos, of whom you know my
life. In my photo showing all the moments of my life - joy, muse, and
even in some sad moments. I eagerly await your response will be. I
really want you to learn more. Please do not forget about me. Your new
friend from Armenia, Sona.

Nov 16, 2008


Looking For SomeSex no strings?
No.. i need viagra for some sex... hahaha

Nov 9, 2008

rusgirlschat.net and best-soul.com

I'm Alyona. May we have a little talk? (Alyona, 28 y/o, On-Line)
Dear Sir!

You have got 292 invitations to have possible Chat tonight.
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Best wishes,
personal manager

Redirects to best-soul.com and have relation to yeva4u.net.
rusgirlschat.net seems to be a goog domain for... scam

Oct 19, 2008


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